New Orleans municipal water analysis for homebrewers

beer,homebrewing — commander flatus @ 3:23 am June 20, 2013

I tried googling for this, to no avail. If you’re interested in the New Orleans water supply for homebrewing, here it is (links to PDF).
The commentary from the scientist that passed it along follows:

The hardness and alkalinity vary as our source water (MS River) varies. Currently, the total hardness of the tap water on the east bank is about 150 mg/L as CaCO3 and the alkalinity is about 120 mg/L as CaCO3. Typical chloramine levels uptown are 2.5 – 3.5 mg/L; typical free chlorine levels are <0.2 mg/L.


beer,food — commander flatus @ 2:17 pm November 23, 2011

Behold a new American holiday – Thankspigging!

Flanders red ale

beer,homebrewing — commander flatus @ 5:28 pm April 17, 2011

This was my 100th batch. Getting a nice funky pedicle.

Excellent news!

beer — commander flatus @ 12:42 pm April 17, 2011

Alcohol helps the brain remember, says new study

Not really sure I believe it though…

This makes me sad…

beer,homebrewing — commander flatus @ 6:59 am April 12, 2011

The first quality beer show on TV since the beer hunter series will not be renewed.

Report: Brew Masters not renewed, Bourdain says “Big beer threatened to pull ads” |

beer,italy,travel — commander flatus @ 8:09 am April 7, 2011

1 liter beer. Siena, Italy.

Pacman yeast!

beer,homebrewing — commander flatus @ 2:05 am March 24, 2011

My LHBS has Pacman. I never understood the hype about this yeast but if you’ve ever tried (and liked) Wyeast 1056 or White Labs 001 – this is better. It ferments better, finishes better and cleaner and is more versatile.

Why they don’t have it year-round befuddles me….

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