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poker,travel — commander flatus @ 1:24 pm January 27, 2020

Just some ideas and information I’ve gathered from a few trips:

Caesar’s – Night games very reg-centric. Everyone knows everyone else’s name. 2/5 regs are a bit clique-ish. 1/2 games populated by nitty drunks. The 2/5 was pretty good, though. One guy punted off 2 buy-ins which equaled $2k.

Bellagio – 2/5 plays like 1/3 at places where you can buy in deep for 1/3. 1/3 at the Bellagio I found frustrating and full of super-aggro types that I always find challenging to play against. 2/5 was great, lots of action, won a ton of money.

Planet Hollywood – perhaps my favorite 1/2 in Vegas. Populated by drunk college and post-college types who enjoy marijuana and then gambling. I’ve made tons here. The room is close to the strip (good for drunks) and far from parking (bad for regs/locals). Winning combo. Table selection is paramount, though.

Aria – Fabulous room. Good games. Waiting list is always too long for 1/3 and 2/5 games seem to be tougher.

Flamingo – my dark horse pick. Daytime games are chummy. Daytime tourneys are friendly low-stakes matches. More fun than serious poker, but that’s what you want sometimes, right?

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