Paris, 1989(?)

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View back towards the city from Notre Dame back towards La Tour Eiffel.

Jazz Fest 2013

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Worlds worst welder

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Right here. No arguing.

Welding thin sheet metal

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Just can’t get the hang of it. Temporary setback, need to redesign…

Thoughts on my Everlast MultiPro 205

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I’ve had my Everlast MultiPro 205 combo TIG/Plasma/Stick welder for some months now. I thought I’d share some thoughts:

The manual is almost worthless.

The included hose and hose clamps are trash. Don’t bother with them. Throw them in the trash.

The included argon regulator is manageable, but one must remember that the flow meter is metric!

It doesn’t include any tungstens but does come with a nice collection of consumables. You’d do well to buy a gas lens setup on eBay, they’re cheap – about $10 for everything. Also check eBay for deals on filler rod and tungstens – Amazon, too. If you’re not close to your local welding shop, it may be a good solution for you to get supplies. But do remember to support your local welding shop when you can!

The plasma cutter function works quite well. Have cut some stainless and angle iron. Works as expected. No problems at all. In fact, this unit (at its current price of about $660) is far less expensive than any dedicated plasma cutter I could find.

The stick welding stinger is cheap and not well designed. It works, though. Note that unscrewing the handle from the head is how you loosen the clamp that holds the stick electrode.

The TIG gun included is actually a decent TIG gun. The unit includes a foot pedal. The foot pedal is a bit odd – most units you can set a dial of the pedal to control the maximum amperage. This foot pedal has a set screw that you adjust up/down to control the maximum amperage. Unfortunately, when it’s fully extended, it still runs up to about 140-150 amps, which isn’t suitable to smaller workpieces which require lower amperage. This is easily fixed by purchasing a longer screw at your local hardware/big box store.

The people from Everlast are helpful and appear to check their email frequently.

Lastly, TIG welding is HARD.

Here’s a link to the Amazon page:


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