Monday, January 2, 2012

Recipe review: Trappist Crappist

I based this off of a reciped found here. With the exception of software screwups (I usually brew 10 gallon batches and wasn't paying attention to the volumes I was being handed...)

Tasting notes will follow.

Batch 1 of Trappist Crappist
Date Brewed:1 Jan 2012Date Racked:1 Jan 2012
Date Packaged:1 Jan 2012Date Ready:1 Jan 2012

Selected Style and BJCP Guidelines
18B-Belgian Strong Ale-Belgian Dubbel

Minimum OG:1.062 SGMaximum OG:1.075 SG
Minimum FG:1.008 SGMaximum FG:1.018 SG
Minimum IBU:15 IBUMaximum IBU:25 IBU
Minimum Color:10.0 SRMMaximum Color:17.0 SRM

Recipe Overview
Target Wort Volume Before Boil:24.30 qtsActual Wort Volume Before Boil:24.30 qts
Target Wort Volume After Boil:21.13 qtsActual Wort Volume After Boil:21.13 qts
Target Volume Transferred:21.13 qtsActual Volume Transferred:21.13 qts
Target Volume At Pitching:21.13 qtsActual Volume At Pitching:21.13 qts
Target Volume Of Finished Beer:20.08 qtsActual Volume Of Finished Beer:20.08 qts
Target Pre-Boil Gravity:1.064 SGActual Pre-Boil Gravity:-No Record-
Target OG:1.074 SGActual OG:-No Record-
Target FG:1.010 SGActual FG:-No Record-
Target Apparent Attenuation::85.5 %Actual Apparent Attenuation:0.0 %
Target ABV:8.5 %Actual ABV:0.0 %
Target ABW:6.7 %Actual ABW:0.0 %
Target IBU (using Tinseth):19.0 IBUActual IBU:33.9 IBU
Target Color (using Morey):37.8 SRMActual Color:37.8 SRM
Target Mash Efficiency:65.0 %Actual Mash Efficiency:0.0 %
Target Fermentation Temp:64 degFActual Fermentation Temp:64 degF

US Pilsen Malt12.00 lb73.8 %2.3In Mash/Steeped
German CaraMunich I2.00 lb12.3 %13.2In Mash/Steeped
Sugar - Candi Sugar Dark1.00 lb6.2 %52.1In Mash/Steeped
Belgian Special B1.00 lb6.2 %27.8In Mash/Steeped
German Carafa I0.25 lb1.5 %15.9In Mash/Steeped

Slovenian Styrian Goldings4.5 %1.00 oz12.9Bagged Pellet Hops60 Min From End
German Hallertauer Hersbrucker3.5 %1.00 oz6.1Bagged Pellet Hops20 Min From End

Other Ingredients

White Labs WLP550-Belgian Ale

Water Profile
Target Profile:No Water Profile Chosen
Mash pH:5.2
pH Adjusted with:Unadjusted

Total Calcium (ppm):0Total Magnesium (ppm):0
Total Sodium (ppm):0Total Sulfate (ppm):0
Total Chloride(ppm):0Total Bicarbonate (ppm):0

Mash Schedule
Mash Type:Full Mash
Schedule Name:CAP (50-66C/122-149F)

Step TypeTemperatureDuration
Rest at122 degF15
Raise by infusion to151 degF1
Rest at151 degF60

Mash Notes

Boil Notes

Fermentation Notes

Packaging Notes

Tasting Notes

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  1. tasting notes: dark fruit, chocolate, nice esters - racked to keg